Los Angeles Recording Studio

In the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, our music recording studio offers a wide range of benefits for musicians and artists looking to capture their creative vision.
Los Angeles Recoding Studio Studio C -  Soundproof Recording Studio | Apex Photo Studios Los Angeles

Industry Quality Recording Studio

Whether you're a solo artist or in a band, renting the recording studio at Apex can be a huge step in your career.

With rates from only $100/hour, our recording studio is the best value in Los Angeles.

Come and experience beautiful sound in our high-end studio, get help from industry professionals, and access top of the line gear.

Professional Equipment

Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment in a spacious naturally lit live room with soundproof walls, and a large acoustically tuned control room with lounge area.

Get high-quality recordings and a comfortable, distraction-free environment for recording sessions.

Studio C Equipment
Studio C -  Soundproof Recording Studio | Apex Photo Studios Los Angeles

Professional Team

Apex’s recording studio offers the opportunity to work with experienced professionals, who can help bring your music to the next level.

Our team of engineers and producers have years of experience in the industry and can offer valuable guidance and expertise throughout the entire recording process. From the best way to place your vocal mic to tested mixing and mastering know-how, Apex has experts working alongside you.

Amenities & Services

In addition to the technical capabilities, our soundproof studio also offers a range of amenities and services to make your recording sessions smooth and productive.

  • Experienced engineers & producers
  • Audio equipment
  • Video recording gear
  • Studio lighting
  • Musical instruments

Make the most of your talent by booking a session at Apex today.

The Best Gear, No Hassle

At the Apex soundproof studio, access to exceptionally high-quality recording tools, instruments, and equipment is easy.

Rather than having to rent a specified gear list before even stepping into the studio or purchasing your own top-end equipment, taking advantage of the rental gear readily available for our studio is as simple as asking.

Save time, money, and focus on what’s important –creatively exploring your music with the best resources possible.

Production Rental Equipment Apex Photo Studios Los Angeles
Studio C -  Soundproof Recording Studio | Apex Photo Studios Los Angeles

Space to Decompress

We also know the importance of your environment when at creative work.

Hang out between takes with your crew on our big couches, grab some snacks from the mini-fridge, and find comfort in the playfully moody lounge.

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