Photography Production Services

A Full Production House, All in One Place. Apex has the creative teams, studios, equipment, and post-production services all under one roof.
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Your creative vision is our creative endeavor

At Apex, we believe in building relationships with our partners to ensure successful, creative projects. We handle every part of production from pre-production to post-production.

Apex provides access to services and resources other teams don't, to make your productions more efficient. Our expertise has earned us the trust of many major brands for their photo content needs.

We have it all under one roof!

Having the creative team, versatile locations, and high-end equipment all in one place makes it incredibly easy and affordable for us to provide our clients with creative solutions to all their needs, all in one place and at an affordable price!

Equally as important, we really take the time to understand each one of our clients on a deep level in order to better know what we can do to make them successful. We always go above and beyond here.

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We can take care of your production from beginning to end

Let Apex handle your project from beginning to end: script, storyboard, cast, handle permits, film, photograph, edit and package.

We work and partner with other production companies and have a large pool of talent for hire from models, videographers, photographers, assistants, MUAs, hair stylists, directors, producers, fashion stylists etc.

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We try to more deeply understand the needs of our partners in order to actively participate in realizing your vision and develop your idea to its fullest. Whether you’re trying to create unique content for products that will set you apart in the marketplace or looking to market your brand through an edgy editorial social campaign, with our years of expertise, we’ll help find creative solutions and set you on the best path to success.

With access to our network of talented industry professionals your production is in a great place from day one. Our ability to take care of the important tasks, from facilitating and hosting your model casting to securing production roles such as hair and makeup artists, takes the burden off of you and makes for a much smoother process.


After Apex helps develop your vision we can help create it. From e-commerce and product to lifestyle and editorial photography, work with our talented Apex crew to stage and shoot your entire production; light the set, operate the camera, style the clothing, and everything in between.

Not only can our team of in-house creatives and production crew execute your production, there’s also no need to scramble for locations with multiple on-site production studios to choose from. Apex houses 6 photo studios, including a soundproof AV studio, and on-site equipment within its walls (and 2 additional rooftop studios with views of DTLA above them).

On-site equipment can be a game-changer for a production. There’s no more dealing with rental houses or scheduling backdrop deliveries and equipment can be added or swapped on the fly during your shoot. This also means our crew are incredibly familiar with the equipment and experts on the tools being used for your shoot.

A production crew who works together every day and uses the high-end photography equipment available to your productions just as often makes for a productive and good time on set too!

Post Production

Apex can handle the entirety of your project’s post-production. Need your photos edited and retouched? No problem. Need your materials prepared for catalogues and your digital storefront or the next marketing push? We can even design the layouts and create your new assets while we’re at it. We’ve got you covered. Our team is fully capable of taking your production across the finish line.

The benefit and advantages of working with the same production team throughout the entirety of your production –people who understand the vision and goals from the start- in the creative-commercial space is undeniable.