Clar Illumi Max 300 | Apex Photo Studios

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300 watts of fierce LED raw energy that illuminates like no other single head 5600°K fixture. Exceptionally accurate 96+ CRI color rendition, combined with a whopping 117,100 lux @ .5m and 23,490 @ 1m output, delivering even, natural and vibrant light.

The performance champ for videographers and image creators of all stripes; for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking.


  • Compact super bright 300 watts of power
  • COB LED technology for over-the-top output at 132,000 lux (65 Degree reflector at .5m)
  • Flawless wireless 2.4Ghz radio remote control
  • Intelligent cooling with silence as the objective
  • Built for portability and strength
  • Luxurious Color Rendition - beyond 96Ra
  • Coverage a lighting professional would appreciate
  • Accepts Bowens mount modifiers from Lenticular Spot to Magnum Reflectors to Grand Softboxes