FOBA Stand 8.2' Studio Stand with Rotating Platform | Apex Photo Studios

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Designed for studio photography, the ASABA-R Studio Stand from Foba offers a massive form factor and the utmost stability for large and medium format cameras. The stand rises to a maximum height of 8.2' aided by a counterweight inside the column for easy height adjustment. With mounting options at both ends for 2-camera shooting, the horizontal arm measures 39.37" and has ball-bearing action for easy adjustments. A special fitting allows the stand to be rotated in the triangular cast base, which has ball-bearing castors for easy movements and a pedal that lowers it to the floor. A wide variety of accessories allow you to adapt the stand to your specific requirements.

Key Features:
Load Capacity: 13.2 lb
Horizontal Beam: 39.37"
Weight: 211.6 lb
Ideal for Large & Medium Format Cameras
Ball Bearing Movement on Arm
Interior Counterweight
Column Rotation at Base
Ball Bearing Castors
Castor Pedal Lowers Base