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Charlotte D'Alessio for Office Magazine: Shot in Studio E -Large Skyline CYC Studio

Charlotte D'Alessio for Office Magazine: Shot in Studio E -Large Skyline CYC Studio

In a recent interview with Office Magazine, Charlotte D'Alessio opened up about a range of topics, providing insight into her favorite New York Fashion Week (NYFW) shows, mental health, and wanting moccasins to make a comeback.

D'Alessio is a multi-hyphenate who has successfully ventured onto numerous career paths and hopes to inspire others towards reaching their goals. At 15, she quickly gained opportunities within the fashion industry, including landing a campaign for Marc Jacobs' Daisy fragrance.
Charlotte has always maintained a strong desire to speak out on mental health issues and struggles, having started an organization called The Teen Mental Health Project in Toronto. 

Furthermore, Charlotte hosts her podcast Between Good & Evil Through were she converses with individuals from all walks of life & industries. BGE focuses mostly on society, culture, and day-to-day human vulnerabilities. 

The editorial accompanying the interview was shot in the versatile Large Skyline CYC Studio and produced by SLIME Productions 

Interview by Meyme Nakash
Photography by Colt Grice
Videography by Julius Gutierrez
Photography Assistance by GK
Styling by Knesia Sharonova
Styling Assistance by Maria Mapiyka
Hair by Glenn Ellis
Makeup by Carolina B.
Producing by Kate Clark
Studio by Apex Photo Studios
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