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eCommerce Photography Best Practices & More

eCommerce Photography Best Practices & More

eCommerce Photography for businesses and brands

Over the years Apex Photo Studios has provided studio spaces to the best of the best in the Photography, Video, Entertainment, and Fitness industries. 

But did you know that Apex also provides in-house photography and video production services, event spaces, and more!?

In a new blog series, we will discuss these services, starting with eCommerce photography packages, how this photography can be beneficial for your business, our process, and end results. 

If you are in need of eCommerce photography we have you covered!

While planning eCommerce photography shoots, especially for new brands, can feel like an overwhelming task, you can feel comfortable knowing that Apex Photo Studios can capture photos to promote your newest seasonal collection. Our eCommerce photography packages include model casting, photographers, editing, models, hair and make-up artists, photo studio rentals, and photography equipment

Apex Photo Studios is a one-stop-shop, with several years of experience in this niche. We are here to help guide and collaborate with you to ensure you get the best results possible.

We love working with creatives and making their visions come to life. So if you have eCommerce photography needs, contact us here.

What is eCommerce Photography?

eCommerce photography is a type of photography used to capture products for online selling purposes. Typically, you will see these images on solid color backdrops and photographed from different angles.

Below are examples of fashion eCommerce images we created in-house.

Why would I need eCommerce photography for my business?

How many times have you been online shopping and you were drawn in by the backdrop color, the cleanliness of the shot, the model in a cute dress or the handsome gent in a well-tailored suit?

On the flip side, have you ever seen an image that was poorly edited, where the color representation was questionable and had a review section loaded dissatisfied customer commenting on the product's quality and the discrepancy between what was on the screen and what was received?  

The latter experience probably made you question adding that item to your cart, didn’t it?

eCommerce photography done right elevates the look and appeal of your product. Beautiful styling, editing, and accurate color representation help build trust with prospective buyers so that they're comfortable and encouraged that their purchase will be well-represented by the product image.

Your product photography and styling should always do your product justice–whether it is due to the image being beautifully-composed in-frame, properly used in the photo/video, or presented in a way that shows its importance to the buyer. 

Elevating your product via eCommerce photography helps to build your business's reputation and maximizes customer satisfaction!

Our eCommerce photography services

Apex Photo Studios provides eCommerce photography services at all stages of production:

  • Studio spaces
  • Production Equipment
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Backdrops
  • Post-production services
  • Hair and makeup artists
  • Model castings and bookings

Each of our photography studios can accommodate eCommerce photoshoots, but our spaces most often used for eCommerce specifically photography are Studios A, B, and E.  These three dynamic studios have multiple textured wall options, concrete flooring, and cyclorama walls that provide a boundless white effect. If you want to mix up your background style these dynamic studios have got you covered.

You can find our photo studios in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles: 

Photo Studio A

Photo Studio A is a crowd favorite!

It is a 1,300 sq. ft west-facing photography studio with beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ambient natural light throughout the day.

The cyclorama walls offer the perfect white backdrop for eCommerce, lifestyle, fashion, look-books, and a variety of video productions.

Whether you are using strobes or natural light, Studio A is a great option that has a cozy loft feel. 

Photo Studio B  

Photo Studio B, at 1,400 sq. ft, is another popular space for eCommerce, fashion, and other creative ventures.

The blackout capabilities and white cyclorama wall along with the ceiling-mounted grid provide creatives, businesses and brands with ample amounts of creative flexibility.

Photo Studio E  

Photo Studio E is perfect for larger shoots with its 3000 sq ft of studio space!

Half of the studio has beautiful hardwood flooring next to floor-to-ceiling west-facing windows. The other side of the photo studio has concrete flooring, textured grey walls, a north-facing window, and a white cyc wall. 

As one of our largest studios, Photo Studio E offers ample space for big productions in Los Angeles with multiple setup areas, tons of natural light, both concrete and wood floors, a white cyclorama wall, and west-facing downtown views.

It is perfect as a home base for fittings, large photoshoots, video productions, workshops, and events!

How to book your eCommerce photoshoot

Step 1: Contact our photo studio team

Call us or shoot us an email:

Typically, when a client inquires about our photoshoot capabilities for eCommerce, we request more information about their needs to put together a quote for them. 

We will ask questions like:

  • How many pieces of clothing do you have? (consider each separate item for which you’ll need images)
  • When do you want to schedule your eCommerce photoshoot?
  • By what date will you need the final images?
  • What types of clothing are you shooting? (tops/bottoms/shoes/dresses/accessories)
  • What types of images will you need? (eCommerce on a solid background, lifestyle images, or a mix?)
  • How many of the images will you need against a solid color background?
  • How many angles do you need for each piece?
  • Would you like to incorporate video of select clothing for a digital look-book or social media use?
  • What is your company's website?
  • Are there other's photos you would like us to emulate? (please provide us with a link you like us to use as inspiration) 
  • Will you need a hair and makeup artist? (if so, please allow us two weeks notice)
  • Will you need a model casting included? (if so, please allow us two weeks notice)


Step 2: Quotes & Booking

We will discuss your project with our team and put together a plan of execution. 

After that, we will provide you with a quote and book you into our schedule!

Have any more questions about eCommerce photography or how to book? Contact our team here to get started today!

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