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Apex Penthouse Loft Studio Orbitvu Event at Apex Photo Studios

Embracing the Future of Photography: Highlights from Orbitvu's Event at Apex Photo Studios' Penthouse Loft


In the heart of Los Angeles, Apex Photo Studios recently hosted an innovative event that served as a beacon for the future of photography. The event, named "FIN" (Future Is Now), was not just a showcase but an immersive experience featuring insights from Mark Duhaime, the President of Orbitvu USA. The event took place at our Apex Photo Studios Penthouse Loft

The Event: A Fusion of Technology and Creativity

Apex Photo Studios Penthouse Loft event with Orbitvu

The Penthouse Loft at Apex Photo Studios became a hub of technological advancement and creative exchange. The "FIN" event began as more than just a presentation; it was an interactive experience where attendees could engage directly with the latest photography workflows, from cutting-edge software to advanced automated lighting solutions.

Insights from Mark Duhaime, President of Orbitvu USA

Mark Duhaime, leading the charge at Orbitvu USA, shared his vision for the future of photography at the event. His emphasis on immersive technology experiences highlighted a new era in photography, where hands-on interaction with technology is vital to understanding and leveraging its potential.

A Diverse Array of Technological Showcases

The event featured a variety of manufacturers, each presenting different aspects of the photographic workflow. This included: Capture One, Broncolor, EIZO, Inovativ, Tether Tools, Creative Force and more!  This diversity allowed attendees to explore a wide range of tools and solutions, understanding what's currently available and what's on the horizon in photography.

Apex Photo Studios Penthouse Loft Vendor Orbitvu event

The Impact of Orbitvu on Modern Photography

Orbitvu's contribution to the event underscored its role in revolutionizing photography. By providing tools that simplify and enhance the photographic process, such as on-the-go background removal, Orbitvu is at the forefront of making advanced photography accessible to a broader range of creatives and professionals.

The "FIN" event at Apex Photo Studios was more than just a showcase; it was a testament to photography's dynamic and evolving nature. With plans to host similar events in other cities, the future of photography looks bright, with Apex Photo Studios and Orbitvu leading the charge.

The "FIN" event was a remarkable milestone in the photography journey towards a quicker and easier workflow. It highlighted the importance of embracing new technologies and the value of hands-on experiences in understanding and utilizing these advancements. As we look forward to more such events, the photography community remains poised at the edge of an exciting new era.

We invite our readers to share their thoughts on the future of photography and the role of technology in shaping it. Stay connected with Apex Photo Studios for more insights and groundbreaking events in the world of photography.

Apex Photo Studios Loft Event vendor Profoto demo for hands on Photography with Orbitvu
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