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The Apex Community January Photoshoot Giveaway Winner

The Apex Community January Photoshoot Giveaway Winner

We started a monthly giveaway in 2020 to give back to the Apex community. Alex Afzali won our January Giveaway and was rewarded with rental equipment and photo shoot time in Studio B. Check out a Q&A and photos from Alex's shoot below!

Q&A with @alexafzali

What is your background (brief history, things you've done and the things you are known for/specialize in)?

I'm a full time producer, currently working mainly on national commercials, for brands such as Google and Disney... though in the past I've spent a lot of time producing creative content on live concerts for clients such as Just Bieber and [for] award shows like the VMA's.

What inspires you the most for photography?

I love photography because the technical and financial barrier to get started is low. With just a few pieces of equipment you can get out of the house (or stay inside the house) and start being creative. I also admire that there's no finish line. The boundaries of photography are infinite. From a small patch of beach to a 25,000 square foot sound stage, the chances to learn are endless. The room for improvement is constant. All any photographer can really judge themselves on is their progress. 

How did your shoot at Apex Photo Studios go? What are some things that stood out about your experience here?

My photo shoot at Apex Photo Studios  in Los Angeles was fantastic. Every time I'm there I can feel my creative synapsis firing off. We're so lucky to have a fully equipped professional studio in town that charges such reasonable rates. On top of that, the low minimum required hours for booking make the studio accessible for personal tests and smaller shoots with independent clients. When my needs expand, Apex is there with the facilities, expertise, and customer service I need to create and deliver. 

Where can we find more of your work?

I'd love for anyone interested in connecting to follow me on Instagram (@alexafzali) or check out my website at

Want to be entered into our giveaway next month? Follow us on social media and make a post/story of us. Remember to tag us (@apexphotostudios). Best of luck, and thank you for supporting Apex Photo Studios!

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