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Photographer's Social Event in Studio E

Photographer's Social Event in Studio E

Photographer's Social is a community of photographers based in Southern California that meet up to network and take photos!

We recently partnered by Photographer's Social to host one of their community workshops. We felt that Studio E would be a great space for the meet-up as it is one of our larger photo studios in downtown Los Angeles. It is a versatile space with different wall textures, a white cyclorama, cement and hardwood flooring, and large western facing windows with views of downtown. 

We spoke with Stephanie, on of the Photographer's Social admins, about the meet up and her time at Apex.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the meetup?

Hello! I’m Stephanie Gibboney of Unveiled by Stephanie, and I’ve been a Photographer for over 12 years. I’ve photographed everything from births to weddings, events to portraits, and more. I now specialize in intimate portraits (also known as boudoir), and I offer editing services and organize boudoir shootouts for other Photographers.

I have been active in the Southern California photography community since around 2012, and am an admin for a few different online groups. One of those groups is Photographers Social, which I help admin alongside Will Chiang, Kate Jackson, and Erich Chen. With the ultimate goal of creating a fun and supportive environment for professional Photographers to connect, the group meets up 3-4 times a year around Southern California to photograph each other (update those headshots, and our portfolio!) and then enjoy more conversation over a meal together. I’d love to see the group continue to grow and help Photographers make lasting connections.

What is your favorite part of putting these meetups together?

The connections and friendships made, for sure! Being a small business owner can be lonely, and it’s so important to network and grow your community. These meetups have not only introduced me to new people and expanded my network, but they’ve given me lasting friendships. I also think it’s always so great being around other Photographers working, and being able to draw inspiration from each other.

Have you shot at Apex before?

I had not been there before the meetup, but I will definitely be back! I loved the space!

Why did you think Apex would be a good space for the event?

Apex seemed like a great option for the event because they were professional and friendly, and the space provided great options for the attendees.

You shot in Studio E, what were some of the things you appreciate most about this particular studio?

I loved the wall of windows! Beautiful light! I appreciated the variety within the space, different background options and props. There was plenty of space for people to spread out, and still take advantage of the light/backgrounds.

What were some highlights from this particular meetup? Can you provide some images from these moments?

We had several new faces come out for this meetup, which was great! Just seeing all the new and familiar Photographers come together, enjoying each other's company and doing what we love is amazing.

See the gallery of attendees photos! So many great images. I love the group photos!

Check out some of our favorite headshots taken at the event, below. 


Interested in getting these looks for your next shoot? Book Studio E today! 

Studio E is great for small to medium sized events, workshops and classes. 

For event pricing click here

Need a larger space for your next event? Our beloved Loft will be available again in the near future. Send us an email to inquire about your next event at the Loft. 

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