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Rooftop A Cyclorama Wall Now Available!

Rooftop A Cyclorama Wall Now Available!

You’ve spoken, and now we have delivered!

Apex Photo Studios has heard your suggestions loud and clear, and we are excited to introduce a new addition to our Rooftop A shoot pieces.

Say hello to our new MOVABLE WHITE CYCLORAMA!

A Wealthy Addition to the Stylistic Range of LA Rooftop Shoots

Stunning cityscapes are the primary perk of every city rooftop shoot location. Our versatile Los Angeles roof offers a multitude of backdrops with its spectacular and panoramic views of downtown as well as the eastside. It also has a raised platform that allows you to expand your shooting angle options!

More importantly, it allows you to take full advantage of what is perhaps the best light source for any shoot—the sun.

Below are some examples of how our dynamic roof has been utilized in the past.

Now with the addition of the movable white cyclorama, you get even more creative and stylistic freedom! The cyc gives you way more options in capturing your subject when you book Rooftop A for your shoots.

But how?

Expanding Your Background Options

Having two drastically different background pieces, the gorgeous bustling cityscape and the simplicity of the cyclorama, can effectively add depth and enhance the focus on your subject. There’s no telling where your creativity can take you!

While you can opt to use them separately, you can also be bold with your imagination when you combine them together to create a contrasting yet aesthetically layered backdrop masterpiece.

Below are some examples from a recent editorial shoot we shot for NUX Active. The detailed textures of the cityscape background and the clean shapes of the cyclorama seamlessly complement each other to highlight different aspects of the subject.

Working With the Light Source

Rooftop shoots are so great because of the sunlight, so what’s the point if you can’t work around the sun’s changing positions? The new cyclorama fixes that problem—it’s mounted on wheels!

The cyclorama wall is available to rent with any Rooftop A reservation!

Click below to book today! 

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at


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