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Rooftop Photography: A Unique Perspective

Rooftops offer a breathtaking and unique setting for photoshoots. But before you grab your camera and head for the heights, let's explore what you need to consider and the distinct advantages Apex Photo Studios provides.

Model on Apex Photo Studios rooftop in downtown los angeles with skyscrapers in the back ground

Ins and Outs: Rooftop Prep and Considerations

  • Access & Safety: Gaining permission from the building owner is paramount. Inspect the roof – prioritize safety by identifying potential hazards and planning accordingly.
  • Weather: Rooftops are exposed to the elements. Check the forecast and have a contingency plan (indoor access?) if conditions turn unfavorable.
  • Time of Day: The 'golden hours' around sunrise and sunset offer the most flattering light. Consider how natural light will affect your images.
  • Permissions & Regulations: Research local regulations or building restrictions before your shoot. Some areas may require permits for rooftop photography.

Apex Photo Studios has two rooftop available to rent for productions! On your shoot date we like to speak with the producer of the shoot and provide safety rules and guidelines on-site. 

What to Bring

  • Camera & Lenses: A wide-angle lens is great for landscapes and cityscapes, while a longer lens can compress the background. A tripod is essential for stability.
  • Lighting (If Needed): While natural light is ideal, fill lights or reflectors might be helpful depending on your shoot goals. Additionally, you may need to control the bright light from the sun and use silks or scrims. 
  • Props & Accessories: Consider items that complement the rooftop theme for added visual interest.
  • Safety Extras: Harnesses, if needed, or non-slip footwear for wet conditions could be necessary. We recommend hats, wearing sun block and glasses as well. 

The Advantages of Rooftop Shoots

  • Spectacular Views: Create images with breathtaking city skylines, expansive landscapes, or dramatic sunsets as your backdrop.

  • Unique Angles: Experiment with perspectives impossible at ground level.
  • Negative Space: Utilize the vastness of the sky to create striking compositions.


GQ cover photo of Miguel taken on the Apex Photo Studios rooftop in downtown los angeles


  • Rooftop Cyclorama: Apex Photo Studios has offers a cyclorama on wheel. on our Rooftop A. Our cyclorama is on wheels which allows it to be moved with the sun throughout the day.  Check out Rooftop A here 

Q&A: Your Rooftop Photography Questions Answered

  • Q: Aren't rooftop shoots risky?
  • A: Safety should always be the priority. Choosing managed locations like Apex Photo Studios ensures secure roofs with features designed for photo shoots, minimizing risks. Our rooftop have rails around the perimeter we also do not allow hanging from these rails or positioning of platforms less than 6ft from the railing.
  • Q: Do rooftops only work for cityscape photography?
  • A: While amazing for cityscapes, a rooftop can elevate any subject. Fashion, portrait, product, etc., all benefit from the unique background and lighting possibilities.
  • Q: What if I need more than JUST the rooftop?
  • A: Apex offers the best of both worlds: stunning rooftops AND studio spaces. Combine them for seamless shoots or as backup if weather changes. At Apex photo Studios we have interior spaces at both of the locations of our rooftops. To check out our studios click here 

Advantages of Shooting at Apex Photo Studios

  • Safety & Convenience: Our 7000 sq. ft. rooftops are secure, accessible, and designed specifically for photography.
  • Unbeatable City Views: Enjoy unobstructed views of your city's skyline for stunning backdrops.
  • Pro-Level Lighting & Support: Access our full range of lighting equipment and expert staff to realize your vision.
  • Ultimate Control: One rooftop even features a built-in cyclorama wall for total background control.
  • Studio Combo Option: Need indoor space too? Easily pair your rooftop shoot with our studio rentals.

Plan your next rooftop photoshoot at Apex Photo Studios – where safety, views, and creative control come together. Book your session today!

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