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When it Rained at Apex Photo Studios: Vic Mensa's Editorial Shoot in Black Out Studio B


On September 20th, we had the pleasure to host Slime Studios and their celebrity editorial photoshoot with Rapper Vic Mensa! Known for his musical talent in the hip-hop scene, Vic was an alluring and fashionable presence in the studio, resulting in a photoshoot that was as expressive and memorable as his music. 


The mood was fun and comfortable. Utilizing a variety of colors, Vic was placed in minimalistic, yet glamorous sets, sporting professional and chic attire accenting his role as a model rapper. Each outfit, meticulously curated, played its part in the narrative, transforming Vic from musician to model, artist to icon, all within the span of a single shot. Through it all, his innate magnetism shone through, a testament to the raw talent and effortless cool that make him a true star.
There were many different colors utilized during the shoot as pictured above, but the final product introduced a bright flash that reduced the color to a minimal, soft presence among the edges of the photos. The ultimate outcome emphasized Vic’s fashionable clothing and sharp masculinity. 
Studio B was the perfect canvas for Vic Mensa's photoshoot, turning artistic vision into a stunning reality. The black-out capability allowed the photographers to paint with light, crafting dramatic silhouettes and swank poses without any issues. This creative freedom was key to capturing Vic's raw energy and serene persona.

But it wasn't just the studio’s darkness that brought magic to the shoot. The expansive cyclorama provided a clean, seamless backdrop, letting the photographers focus solely on Vic and his artistry. This versatility allowed them to switch effortlessly between minimalist, high-contrast shots and vibrant, colorful explosions, all within the same space.

The result? A photoshoot that was as dynamic and captivating as Vic Mensa himself. The studio's adaptability and ambience became invisible partners, empowering the photography crew to tell Vic's story through their lens, and ultimately, create images that will highlight Vic for years to come.



From Chicago's streets to hip-hop royalty, Vic Mensa's journey was anything but ordinary. He began to gain his fame through hip-hop collective SAVEMONEY, spitting fire alongside Chance the Rapper. He set the bar in 2013 releasing his solo mixtape, "Innanetape," landing him on Jay-Z's radar. Hits like "Reverse" and "U Mad" solidified his presence, while his soulful voice and biting social commentary set him apart, “I feel that my purpose is to shed light on some of the darker sides of our world, and to lend a hand and a voice to people struggling.”  Despite hurdles, in 2017, Vic delivered his debut album, "The Autobiography," a raw and honest testament to his artistic growth. Vic Mensa's story is one of hustle, grit, and an unquenchable thirst for creative freedom. He's a testament to music's power, proving stardom rarely follows a straight line.




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