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Clamshell Light Reflector | Apex Photo Studios

  • Make the Eyes Pop with Arc-Shaped Design- Neewer Clamshell Reflector imitates the curvature of human eyes and bounces crescent catchlights to make the eyes sparkle in portrait photography. The light seamlessly reflected from three perspectives can eliminate shadows, and the fabric is suited for strobes, monolights, LED lights, and even natural sunlight

  • Tool-Free Assembly- Six interlocking curved tubes, two rugged metal rods, and screw knobs enable you to assemble the frame in minutes without any tool needed. The curved tubes and rods can smoothly slip through the rod pockets and stretch the reflector taut

  • Adjustable Angles- The swivel stands mount can directly snap on the back of the frame and tilt up and down for desired reflection angles. Screw knobs help you secure the mount on a stand and adjust angles with ease

  • Multiple Light Colors- The reflector features two surfaces—A silver one that bounces light with high contrast and a black one that reduces excessive reflection. A double-sided cover (gold + white) gives you more light effects, and the hook-and-loop fasteners make color-changing a breeze


  • Neewer Clamshell Reflector bounces curved catchlights to models’ eyes and makes their eyes sparkle and shine in portraits and headshots.

  • The arc-shaped design seamlessly reflects light in three directions with one light source, and the highly reflective fabric is suitable for strobes, LED lights, and natural sunlight.

  • The interlocking curved tubes, metal rods, and screw knobs allow for tool-free assembly. Tubes and rods can slip through the reflector’s rod pockets and stretch it taut. The stand mount tilts at 90° for desired angles

  • The reversible reflector with black and silver surfaces and the double-sided cover with gold and white colors can offer you four light effects for different photographic needs.

  • A zippered carrying bag with handles can accommodate all the parts of this kit and keep them portable for outdoor photography.


  • Dimensions: 61” x 24” / 155 x 61cm



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