sE Electronics sE8 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone | Apex Photo Studios

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sE Electronics handcrafts the gold-sputtered capsule for their sE8 small-diaphragm true condenser mic in the company's own clean room. The capsule's innovative backplate design delivers a sublimely detailed, balanced sound and superior transient response as compared with other small-capsule condensers in its price range. The high end is sweet and silky smooth. Go ahead and add high-frequency EQ — you won't introduce harshness or distort the transients. The sE8's short, efficient signal path doesn't employ ICs or transformers, and this is key to the mic's remarkably natural performance in capturing acoustic instruments such as guitar, piano, strings, woodwinds, and percussion.

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Matched Pair for Stereo Recordings
  • Gold-Sputtered, Small-Diaphragm Capsule
  • Transformerless Design for Transparency
  • Selectable -10 and -20 dB Pad
  • Low-Cut Filter at 80 and 160 Hz
  • All-Metal Chassis
  • Includes 1 Mic Clip
  • Includes Windscreens & Mounting Bar